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Secure payment options

We at WebNinja want you to feel safe when you shop from us or one of our stores. Thats why we are working together with the  biggest and safest paymentservices on the market to ensure the customer feels at easy making their payment on the webshop. We always have the option ”get first pay later” trough Klarna. We also offer a 60 day return policy instead of the mandatory 14 days by law.

Fast delivery

 We guarantee fast deliveries. Always 24-48 hours from the order is made to arrival on weekdays.

Manned customer service

We have a manned customer service for all matters every weekday 08.00 – 16.00 and constantly working on making it easier for you as a customer by for instance letting you live-track your delivery step by step from our warehouse to your door.

Our Concept

WebNinja’s business concept is to launch innovative products in Sweden in collaboration with local and foreign companies. Through analysis, we exclusively sell out the brands and products we choose to launch. At a time when most people focus on building up as large inventories as possible, we choose to go a different route. We focus on each product’s individual sales characteristics and create a marketing strategy based on these. When we can concentrate our focus and budget on only a few products at a time, the opportunity for these to succeed in the Swedish market will increase dramatically. The alternative, to buy lots of products and print them under different categories is not relevant to us.

Why Webninja?

We know the Swedish market and language

We design a Swedish-language website for each individual product

We manage all distributions of goods in Sweden

We provide excellent customer service in Swedish

Step by Step


We agree to launch your product in Sweden.


Now our web developers are starting to create a website for your product in Swedish.

The website will function as a webshop but also contain Youtube clips and pictures explaining how the product works.

This process normally takes less than 30 days.


Since each product has its unique sales characteristics, we will adapt a marketing plan based on the product’s conditions. A large part of our marketing is done via social media, but we will also Google optimize the website with Swedish keywords.


The fourth and final step in our chain is distribution. We deliver within 1-3 days to all of Sweden and also make sure to have a manned customer service for any questions and complaints.


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